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Ms. G's Class Acts will grant advocates for change with a Class Acts Care Package as well as a $50 gift card. The world will always be in need of people who are willing to be bold as well as outspoken. As global leaders within our community, we must be willing to impart reform through community outreach. 


Fleet Scholarship

Upon her acceptance to the School of Communications at Howard University the former Department Chair, Dr. Laura Fleet was the first person to invest in the future our founder, Cheyenne Gartin, by granting her a $250.00 scholarship. Although the amount may seem small it paid for her textbooks and supplies for her first semester, which set her on the path to excellence. As a thank, you for her kindness Ms. G's Class Acts launched the "Fleet Scholarship." ONE applicant will be awarded $500 to aid in their success. 


​​ Important Dates 

Applications open January 11th 

 Deadline 11:59 pm April 20th   

College Signing Day/ Scholarship Interviews May 1st

Scholarships  are awarded TBD

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